Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We Aren't the Only Ones

Though it seems we are the only ones having a horrible economy we are not alone. Asian,
Hong Kong and South Korea's stocks all plummeted. It may seem like we are the only ones in a recession but its not just us, its the world. Unfortunately know one knows how long it could be till our economy is back to normal again..

Troops are In Japan Now?

According to an article on MSNBC.COM, Hilary Clinton went to Japan to try and "reduce tension" from our troops being there.. North Korea even threatened a missile launch! First off I don't know why our troops are there in the first place.. I understood they were only in Afghanistan and what not to keep the peace because no one was governing them? Clinton went there to warn them telling them that if they did launch the missiles there would be no way in fixing the relationship between North Korea and the US. I'm still trying to figure out why our troops are there and they want to launch missiles. Majoring in international business... I could be over there doing exactly what she is. It is scary to know that while I'm just living my life, the US is getting threatened by missiles. Wasn't the war supposed to be over or trying to be ended when Obama came to office? The world is a complete mystery to me

The Good Ol' Recession

Recession is a word we here over and over again and I don't think that's going to change for awhile. I am getting near the closing of my freshman year and in three or less years I will be out in the job world were recession will effect me first-hand. My main priority will be to get a job to pay for school, housing, and everyday necessities. Getting a job gets harder and harder by the day and more and more people are getting their hours cut or losing their jobs altogether. Will the economy be this bad by the time i graduate? It's very important for my future to have a job, but me and the rest of my generation will all be competing for the same thing; Employment.
The chart above shows the number of part time workers who would like to work full time:

-chart from article at msnbc.com

Japan Gives Up that Easy??

From an article on NYTIMES.com it says the finance minister of Japan resigned Tuesday because because people criticized him because of his embarrassing behavior while giving a speech.. George Bush embarrassed us many a times with his mispronunciations and mixed up sentences and he didnt just resign from being president. Kind of an immature thing to do if you ask me but I understand japan is very offended by him and how he represened his country.
watch the video here :

Monday, February 16, 2009

College Degree = ESSENTIAL in Recession

In this recession, money is tight for most, and I have been noticing the gap between middle and high class get further and further apart. Almost everything is hurting. Companies, people, jobs. It's just been a big struggle, especially trying to get a job. Not many companies are hiring and most people are getting laid off, and it is not easy for anyone to find a new job. Most of the older generations are having a harder time because they've been with a company for so long that they never got a college degree. Now that times have changed, a college degree is definitely your ticket to getting a job. The following link is an essay I wrote about the effects of having a college degree:

The Effects of Having a College Degree

Us, Americans, Are Never Satisfied

Gas prices are ALWAYS a big deal, mostly because how essential gas is in our everyday life. You need gas to heat your house, cook your meals, and most important..drive. Our economy is so materialistic that, for most, riding a bike is completely out of the question. Americans need the big, fancy, or fast cars to full fill their needs. Even the cheap sedan wont do. Last year when gas prices were sky high, people realized that big, fast or fancy cars aren't an accessory, fuel efficient was. In an article from CNN.com, it talks about how gas prices are rising once again. The title, "Cheap gas is history, again". Does anyone at all remember when gas was almost $4.50 a gallon, less than a year ago?! And here we are complaining $2.00 is too much. Well here's a heads up America, that TWO DOLLARS a gallon can come easily from your Starbucks Venti whatever. Go a week without brand name coffee and fill up your tank instead. Everyone talks about how bad the recession is and then goes and spends 5 bucks on a cup of coffee with a fancy name. What has our country come to?.. We only have ourselves to blame.

Atleast Some Things Are Getting Better

It is well known that our country is in a bad recession. One thing that is getting better is the stock market. In an article from CNN.com, stocks that plummeted last year are apparently bouncing back. This news gives hope that the stock market is returning to normal. Being a freshman in college I don't know to much about the stock market but would like to learn. Buying and investing in stocks seems important in the business world where i hope to be someday. After reading the article, it does seem like pretty good news to stock holders and maybe a little step forward from the recession.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hello World

This is my first blog post.